4 Amazing Facts About Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is without a doubt, one of the greatest martial artists in the world. He knew numerous types of martial arts and he combined all of them to create his own martial art style – Jeet Kun Do. Here are some amazing facts about Bruce Lee.

  • He was involved in a lot of fights – Young Bruce always got involved in fights. He got involved in so much trouble that his parents have to move him to another school. Again, he got involved in more fights. The kids he fought with as a child might have been of use to him as ‘sparring partners’ and somehow helped him improve his fighting skills.
  • He was known for his incredible strength – Have you ever wondered how strong Bruce Lee was? Well, he can senf you flying with just a punch coming one inch away from your body.  You probably have seen the video online. Well, it is not fake. Bruce Lee also had very strong bones. Also, he did his pushed ups using only two fingers – the thumb and the index finger.
  • He was known for being very quick – Bruce was also known for being fast. Some say that he can take a coin away from your hand and replace it even before you close it. Also, when being shot for a movie, producers are forced to run the film a lot slower so that the audience would be able to clearly see his quick movements.  If you think you can eventually become as fast as Bruce Lee, you might want to start training in fitness centers.
  • He was a very smart man – Bruce Lee was not all brawns. He also had brains. In fact, he attended a university and majored in Philosophy. But because he was very dedicated to martial arts, he eventually left school and started his own martial arts school. He probably did not find the school time necessary especially since already knew a lot of martial arts philosophies.

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