5 practical corporate gifting ideas for your employees!

Businesses are run and managed by people. They are “your people”, and you need to appreciate the hard work and effort beyond the paycheck. Corporate gifting might not be an innovative idea in itself, but if done right, it can actually motivate and boost the morale of your employees. There are a bunch of stores like Concept Plus that have come up with amazing promotional products, and in this post, we bring 5 different ideas that you can try.

  1. Stationery has been long used as a means of promotion and branding, but we are not talking of cheap pens here. Invest in quality pens that can work like souvenirs. A pen is more like a symbol of appreciation, and it is loved by one and all, regardless of the role within the organization.
  2. Stainless steel bottles. Businesses need to do their bit in reducing plastic, and as a part of your endeavors, you can gift stainless steel bottles, which are reusable and can be a good inclusion for every table in the office. You can even choose to customize the engraving and print.
  3. Portable computer dusters. Cleaning computer surfaces is a chore at the desk, and you can make things simpler for your employees by gifting them a portable computer duster. These are extremely cheap, but that doesn’t mean you are compromising on functionality by any means.
  4. Smartphone holders. Everyone is on the phone, all the time. As a silent reminder that phone shouldn’t be used in the office hours and protect their phone, get smartphone holders for your staff, which are not only effective but affordable, as well.
  5. Yoga mats. Fit people do work better, and what can be more interesting and encouraging than a yoga mat. Gift one ahead of the holiday season and motivate your employees to stay fit and health. You can also opt for other options like resistance bands. If you have a spare room in the office, add a few fitness tools to make the workplace more interesting.

Check online now to find more on corporate gifts. Keep in mind that you can save more on bulk orders, as long as you find a genuine vendor. Take the estimates in advance, consider what you can afford and identify the order requirements before placing the final call. A small gift now and then can actually keep up the productivity – order now!

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