Awesome Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

There are always going to be those few people on your Christmas list that are just incredibly hard to buy for. Teenage girls are one group that can be especially difficult. It’s all about hitting that right balance of a more mature gift but still with that fun spin. Not to worry though, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a list of awesome ideas that you can use if you have a teenage girl to purchase a gift for. Keep in mind these work for Christmas, birthdays, and any other occasion.


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Roller Skates

We’re kicking it back old school with the Riedell Roller Skates. It’s the whole idea that everything old eventually becomes new again. While in-line skates have dominated the market for years, there is suddenly a surge in those looking for the traditional four-wheeled roller skate. This retro gift is perfect for teenage girls. You can even choose from fun and funky colors that were never available in the classic models.

The Must Have Makeup Tool

If you want to show this teenage girl that you are hip to the hottest make up trends then you are going to want to get her a beauty blender. This is an absolute must for anyone looking to create that flawless airbrush finish with their concealer and foundation. It makes application easy for beginners, helping them to avoid unsightly streaks. These come in a variety of fun colors and sizes so you may even want to pick up a few.

Vintage Jewelry

This is the age where girls tend to become interested in higher end, more unique jewelry pieces. Vintage pieces don’t necessarily have to cost a lot but they give you a chance to pick something that really matches her own personal style. You may want to get something dressier so she’s got that special occasion item. Popular items include earrings, necklaces, pins, and bracelets.

Personalized Toiletry Bag

Teenage girls tend to have a fairly large collection of makeup, nail polishes, and hair accessories which is exactly why a personalized toiletry or cosmetic bag is a great idea. Look for ones that allow you to have their name embroidered on it. This gift is both fun and useful.

The Beauty Advent Calendar

If you are looking for something specifically for Christmas then you’ll want to consider the wildly popular Beauty Advent Calendar. With this gift, they will be able to open one beauty product each day in the month of December as they count down to Christmas day. This is a gift that just keeps on giving all month long and by the end they will have a huge collection of fabulous items.

Putting Thought into the Gift

For your gift to be appreciated all it takes is thought and that will be obvious in whatever you pick. Just think how excited your teenage niece, daughter, or goddaughter will be as she opens one or more of these hot, fun, and trendy gifts from you.

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