Ballet Slips in Sneakers Add Feminine Appeal

There is something endearing, if not comforting, about wearing ballet slips in sneakers. They not only promise a kind of elegance but they also offer an easy solution to wearing your shoes. You don’t have to think much about it when it comes to wearing and putting on slip-on type shoes.

How Ballet Slippers Became Part of the Fashion World

Ballet slippers themselves came into the spotlight of fashion when Brigitte Bardot pirouetted them from dance studios to metropolitan streets all over the world. Bardot, who was a trained ballerina herself, asked the Paris-based ballet shoe manufacturer Repetto to create a pair of ballet slippers for her starring role as Juliette in the 1956 movie “And God Created Women.” Shortly after this introduction, ballet-type footwear became a commercial success.

The ballet-type slipper enjoyed another boost in 2003 when Kate Moss appeared in ballet flat footwear with a mini skirt in white denim. From this point, the joy of wearing a slip-on re-emerged with another generation of women who want to savour the comfort and convenience of wearing this type of shoe.

Now, women’s sneakers are presented that offer this popularity in ballet slips and are considered classics among connoisseurs of footwear. When they are worn with denim jeans, the slips offer a stylish chic. If they are worn with short skirts, they somehow imply a girlish type of innocence.

If you want to wear shoes that add to your fashion acumen as well as provide the comfort needed to keep up with a hectic pace, then the slips that are presented in sneaker form are exactly the shoe for you.

How the Shoes Are Designed

These slimmer-profiled shoes are refreshed today to provide a dainty silhouette and the sturdiness of a vulcanised rubber sole. Made with a canvas upper for flexible and lightweight comfort, the shoes normally feature a thinner foxing tape which lends to their slender appearance. Medial eyelets on the sneakers also increase the airflow.

When sneakers were introduced in 1917, they were featured as a practical non-skid basketball shoe. However, something incredible happened after that time. The timeless silhouette of the sneaker was also adopted by musicians, entertainers, artists, and original thinkers.

That is why wearing any kind of sneaker today still offers an appeal that cannot be denied. If you want a shoe that is as fashionable as it is practical in style, then you only need to choose a sneaker as a wardrobe accessory.

Women today have various fashion choices in sneaker designs too. Besides the ballet slip, they can select low-tops and high-tops that come in various fabrics and colours. Therefore, owning a pair of sneakers is de rigueur among today’s active women.

If you love the feminine characteristics of a ballet slip as well as the comfort and relaxed feeling that is attached to the shoe, you will no doubt want to add this type of footwear to your shoe closet. Shoes are featured in basic black and white so you can wear them with almost anything. Check out the styles today online.

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