Clean Your AC Unit Regularly For Better Service Performance!

Your air conditioning unit is very important to your home since it helps you to maintain a conducive environment. It helps to keep the home cool during hot weather and it helps to keep the home warm during winter.

Most people forget that the AC unit needs cleaning and maintenance. Most people are under the perception that since it brings in clean air, it cleans itself in the process. That is wrong since it does not have the capacity to do so and if you do not clean it, the air in your home will not be clean as well.

The following is a guide on AC cleaning that will save you from buying a new unit every now and then.

  1. Clean the indoor part first

The first thing you should do is to switch of the power mains to your unit. Then open the blower compartment and clean it. Remove any debris and dust layers that you find there. Make sure that the filter is in a good condition. If it is too blocked or worn out, replace with a new one. Filters are not expensive and replacing a worn out one gives the system a longer life.

  1. Check for algae and rust

Inspect the parts closely and see if they have rust or algae due to moisture concentration. If you find some, mix one part bleach and ten parts water and scrub off the debris. This usually happens at the condensation tray.

  1. Clean the outdoor part as well

The outdoor part is exposed to harsh weather and dust particles. Make sure that you remove any debris before opening up the compartment. Use a vacuum blower to remove debris from the fan fins while being careful not to damage them from too much pressure. If you have to hose down debris from inside the fan, use a low-pressure hose.

Once you clean your AC, let it sit idle for at list 24 hours for everything to dry properly. Make sure everything is assembled right before turning it back on.

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