Five Tips to Improve the Appeal of your Candle Boxes

Just like another product packaging, you wish to ensure the boxes for your candles appeal to your target shoppers. Without a well-designed packaging, it will be hard to get customers giving your products a try. The appeal of your boxes will help your products get enough attention in the market. In order to improve the appeal of your candle packaging, consider the tips below:

Think about Reuse

Shoppers will always be looking for products boxed in a container they can use again. Using reusable candle boxes will increase the chance of your product being given attention. Shoppers are good at spotting products they can maximize the use of. Making your boxes attractive will surely make them noticeable. The reusability of your boxes will depend on the kind of materials you use. Their overall quality matters and customers who have been reusing your boxes will come back for more.

Play with Colors

When you make boxes for candles, choose color options that work for your products and brands. Everybody tends to associated something with colors and this can help you increase your sales. For instance, a number of shoppers may associate pastel colors with spring. You can go colorful; however, choose neutral shades. This allows your box colors to work with a range of decors and make them more reusable.

Don’t Go Overboard

To make candle boxes that are appealing and reusable, ensure you keep things simple. Focus on creating a design which works for all. Although some color is good, avoid going over the top. To see how shoppers react to a colorful candle box, use a limited edition version and introduce it to the market. In case things go well, provide several kinds of packaging, depending on the scent and shape of your candles to expand your customer base.

Don’t Hesitate to Add Details

Adding details such as embellishments and ribbons can make your boxes stand out. You will find these additions quite useful during the holiday season because they encourage shoppers will be looking for gift items and your candles will surely an option for them. Also, ribbons make shoppers feel pampered.

Consider your Brand Image

 Your candle packaging can be more appealing by considering the image you wish to convey. For instance, if you are looking to make your candles feeling artisanal and customized, think about packaging that has hand-down or handwritten elements. If you are offering luxurious, high-end candles, use simple yet elegant packaging in shades such as silver, gold, white, and black.

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