How to Choose Christening Gowns

A christening is a joyous occasion. This is an opportunity for parents, relatives and friends to welcome a new baby into their community. Parents want to make sure their child is appropriately dressed. A christening gowns can serve as both a way to keep the baby safe and warm and a beautiful item that can be passed down to future generations as an heirloom. If you don’t have a christening gown on hand and want to buy one, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you shop for your little baby.

Types of Materials 

This kind of gown can might be made from many types of material. Most dressed are usually made from cotton or silk or a mixture of materials. Cotton is very soft, easily washed when stained and can embroidered to add understated detail. Cotton is also durable and ease to store. Silk is a luxury, high end material that will give any baby a touch of elegance. Silk makes a wonderful heirloom. Many companies offer a gown in a mix of both fabrics. The cotton adds strength to the material while silk insets help turn into a lovely work of fabric art.

The Color 

A traditional gown for a christening is white. White is symbolic of the purity of a new baby and the washing away of any sins. In recent years, many parents have considered other shades as well. Ivory is softer in the candle light or natural light of the church setting. Many companies also offer gowns in a wide variety of pastels as well. A gown in a shade of yellow or lime green might be pleasing to the eye. If you have twins, dressing the babies in gowns of different shades can help guests and clergy alike distinguish the babies during the ceremony and make for easy to understand picture later on.

Additional Details 

Parents today love items that are one-of-a-kind. A christening gown may have all kinds of details on it that make it unique. Ribbons and lace can add that special touch along with hand sewn details. Look for quality stitching that is likely to stand up over time. Make sure all the details are safe for the baby to wear. A child should not have a foot caught in netting. The gown should be easy to take off and on afterwards.

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