How to Delete Date Stamps from Photos

Having date stamps on your photos can be a bit of an eyesore and although most digital cameras and smartphones nowadays don’t have them – there was a time when they were the norm. Assuming you’re dealing with older photos that have been digitized or with those from some of the earlier digital cameras, it is possible to delete the date stamps – and just takes a little bit of good photo editing to do so.

The trick to being able to delete date stamps while not affecting the rest of the photo is to pick a photo editor that is capable of doing so. The Movavi Photo Editor in particular stands out in this regard, and you’ll find that it has all the features you need to enable it to be a great photo stamp remover. More importantly, it is extremely user-friendly so even if you have absolutely zero experience with photo editing you’ll be able to use it with ease.

All that you need to do to remove the date stamp from your photos with the Movavi Photo Editor is:

  1. Add the photo to the software by clicking on the ‘Browse for Images’ button and selecting it.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Object Removal’ menu and select the ‘Brush’ tool.
  3. Use the ‘Brush’ tool to select the date stamp that you want to remove by dabbing it.
  4. Remove the date stamp by clicking on the ‘Start Erasing’ button.
  5. Save the photo when you’re satisfied.

Movavi Photo Editor in particular

If you encounter any issues selecting the date stamp properly with the ‘Brush’ you could try to use the ‘Lasso’ or ‘Magic Wand’ tools to do so. Also if you notice that there are any artifacts leftover from the removal you could make use of the ‘Stamp’ tool to smooth them over.

Before you save your photo you may want to utilize some of the other features in the Movavi Photo Editor to enhance the image quality, fix common problems with photos, or even stylize it with special filters or transform its frame and orientation. The sheer number of options that are at your disposal may seem daunting at first, but each feature is just as intuitive and easy to use as removing the date stamp was. Of course, the best way to see just how simple it is to use the software is to try it out firsthand and see for yourself.

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