How to Gift Your Woman a Handbag?

No matter how well you know your woman, believe us, you don’t. It’s the little things that matter. You might remember and embrace every little moment you have noticed about her, the way she walks, the way she smiles and what not. But when it comes to her fashion department, you still know what kind of outfits she loves to wear, but sometimes you miss out on a few minor details in the accessory department. You are planning to gift her a handbag, you are in for a treat. This article helps you do the same. Read on.

Practical Handbags

  1. Access her lifestyle

Ascertain the reason, why do you want to gift her a handbag. Is the reason being, she needs something bigger, or sturdier, or something scratchproof? You can gift her a chic and functional work bag with a top handle to tote it or with a shoulder strap to leave her hands-free. You should never overlook the starting weight of the bag. Never buy her a bag that is heavy when empty.

  1. Be observant

Try to understand her level of taste. Look out for the things in her wardrobe that she really adores, from the brands to the textures and colors she loves. Spying on her closet is fine, you can also ask her friends for some advice. Also, try to snoop in her social media and check out what kind of private label bags brands she follow, just to gain an example of the style she admires.

  1. Size matters

Apart from the style, you should also pay attention to the size of the bag. Keep in mind how much of the space her belongings will take up. For example, if she carries a laptop daily, along with a paddle brush, a pair of commuting flat etc. buy a bigger size. But, if she just carries important small sized stuff like makeup accessories, you can opt for a smaller size.

  1. Classic Trumps Trend

When in doubt, a black carryall by all the famous brands is the best idea. You can also choose from a variety of colors available in the market like camel, tan, and gray. They are deemed as the classic colors and non-season specific options as well. It is highly recommended by the fashion aficionados to buy your woman a white or bone color bag which usually requires too much of an upkeep for a wardrobe workhorse.

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