How to Select the Perfect Toy for Your Child

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it is time to start thinking about what present to buy your child. As children get older, it can be more difficult to pick out a toy to give them, especially if they are fascinated by technology. However, by being observant and with careful consideration, you can find the toy best suited for your child and that’s also something they will enjoy.

How to Choose Toys

The toy aisle in most department stores is filled with toys of every kind, which can make picking something out difficult to do. However, there are ways you can pick out toys that are age-appropriate, safe and that will provide hours of fun.

Selecting Safe Toys

Picking safe toys is mainly a concern if you have toddlers and younger children, but you still want to keep your older kids safe as well. When selecting toys, examine them carefully to see if they come apart, how big the pieces are when they do come apart, and if they have sharp edges. Also, take note of the materials the toys are made from to see if they can be easily cleaned. Not only will this help keep the toy looking new, but it will also help you get rid of germs too.

Age-appropriate Toys

Most toy manufacturers will label a toy according to the ages of the children for which it is meant. However, since children’s minds and bodies develop at different rates, your child may be ready for a toy that is supposedly too old for him or her. Along with judging the safety of the toy, check for age-appropriateness by checking that the toy is easy for them to move around when playing. If it is an educational toy, you should be able to determine if it would be too hard for them to play with by considering their reading and/or math levels.

How Long Will it Last?

Toys should be durable in order to be both safe and to outlast your child. Children can be hard on toys and the last thing you want is a disappointed son or daughter because their toy broke. The durability of a toy is often dependent upon the materials used to make them. Some toy manufacturers, such as Automoblox, make wooden toys that tend to outlast modern plastic toys and are safer, as well as easier to handle, than metal toys.

Will it Be Fun?

Whether your child will find a toy fun is more difficult to determine when you’re trying to pick out a present. However, if you have been playing with your kids and observing them, then you know which types of toys they like. A kid who likes playing with cars may not be so keen on getting a doll, but they may like a toy truck that lights up or makes noises. When the time comes to buy a present, look closely at what your children select to play with and what they like learning about to help you pick out something they will enjoy.

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