The Features of 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

One of the most common options out there when you’re shopping for wedding sparklers is the ones that are 36 inches in length. Most people assume that bigger is better, and with sparklers they’re right because they will last the longest and burn the brightest compared to other lengths. But there are a lot of facets to 36 inch wedding sparklers, so taking a close look at all of their features can help you decide if they are the right size for your needs and determine if a brand is reputable.


The most obvious feature of a 36 inch wedding sparkler is its length; 36 inches. However, that is the total length of the sparkler including the handle, not the size of the area that burns. A 36 inch wedding sparkler should provide you with around 32 inches of actual sparkler and 4 inches of handle for safety.


All actual wedding sparklers will burn in the color gold. Other colors of sparklers create an abundance of smoke along with potentially harmful fumes in confined spaces, so they are widely disqualified from use at a wedding. There are definitely plenty of color sparkler options available that you could pass off as wedding sparklers, but they won’t look or perform anything the like real deal.


36 inch wedding sparklers are made utilizing a steel wire core/handle for durability and safety. The metal wire stays cool to the touch as the sparkler burns, plus it won’t smolder or potentially reignite after it burns out. The part that sparkles is made from special pyrotechnic compounds, but where wedding sparklers shine is that they are double or triple dipped rather than just dipped once. This makes them much more rigid and durable than cheap sparklers used for other holidays so they are safer in tight quarters.

Smokeless Design

The metal core of wedding sparklers has another purpose; keeping them from producing smoke. When you eliminate any color additives and use a metal wire core, the result is a gold sparkler that produces virtually no smoke. The sparklers burn so hot and there are very few contaminants preventing a clean burn that almost no smoke is created as a combustion byproduct. That means you can safely use wedding sparklers indoors without fogging the place up too much.


The way that your sparklers look at your reception is very important as well. A lot of places like this company that sells 36 inch wedding sparklers offer tasteful packaging that is fit for a wedding, but some places don’t bother changing the packaging and ship tacky boxes that are red, white, and blue. Packaging may not be the most important thing on your checklist, but it should definitely be a consideration.

Knowing what the benefits of choosing 36 inch wedding sparklers are before you go shopping will make your life a whole lot easier. Not only will you be able to find sparklers that are the right size, color, and made from the correct materials, but you’ll be able to find them in tasteful packaging to match your wedding décor. Just pay attention to the sparkler brand’s features and enjoy your wedding planning process!

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