Valuable Reasons to Install Induction Cooktop in The Kitchen

Induction cooktop is a remarkable innovation in technology. It is so sophisticated that not just restaurants but many homes have it installed. Unlike electric and gas cookers the induction cooktop makes use of electromagnetism, which speedily heats pots and pans. Cooking task is much faster.

It is a type of kitchen appliance, which incorporates pulsating magnetic energy to produce heat. Heat is used directly by the cooking pan to cook rather than using flammable gas burners or electric coils.

If you are interested in high and breakthrough technology then cuisinière par induction [induction cooker] is the best option. It is a bit expensive than regular cookers but the benefits are worth the cost.

Valuable reasons to use induction cooktop

Energy efficiency

In comparison to gas and electric cookers, induction cookware is very energy efficient. Heat gets into the pan and food directly, so cooking time taken is less. This helps to save on energy and decrease your utility bills. Even the kitchen environment does not get too heated, so you don’t sweat while cooking. As there is no loss of heat the risk of accident is averted.


Best promotional feature of induction cookware is its speed of cooking. As it heats fast, cooking time is reduced. There is no medium to transfer heat like in gas [burner] and electric [coil] cookers. Activation of electromagnetic process helps to heat pan faster and cooking gets completed in 50% less time.


Induction cooktop control is extremely responsive. Adjust the dial to obtain necessary temperature. More settings are also featured including better performance, temperature boosts and accurate heat control. Food cooked in this appliance at low settings never wanes.


It is crucial to be careful on regular stove top as grease build-up can cause fire. Whereas on induction cooktop there is no apparent flames or gas leaks. In addition, touching the top will not burn your hands as it doesn’t get heated, at all. The moment you switch dial on pan heats quickly as well as cools down swiftly on turning the dial off.


Cleaning the cooktop after cooking is very easy. Your cooked food reaches the table faster. Burning on top is not possible as stove top never gets heated, It means you just need to wipe it with sponge to clean the spill, if any.

Tips for care and maintenance of induction cooktop

  • Never store heavy jars or pans over the induction cooktop because accidental dropping them on cooktop can damage it.
  • Clean food spills every time or it can leave marks permanently.

Investing in induction cooktop is the best option for cooking safely and speedily.

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