Why Stainless Steel Lunchboxes Are A Great Investment

When choosing lunchboxes for your children, it’s easy to look at a stainless steel lunchbox and think they are overpriced. That’s simply not the case. These lunchboxes have a variety of benefits that make them stand apart from their competitors, such as cloth lunchboxes or even paper bags. Investing in one for your child is a great idea and is more than worth the investment. But why?

Stainless Steel Is Antibacterial

Packing food in a plastic bag or a paper bag may be initially more cost-efficient when compared to a stainless steel lunchbox, but it isn’t as safe. For example, stainless steel is antibacterial and will protect the food in the container from getting infected with dangerous viruses or bacteria.

In an environment where children are often heavily affected by bacteria and other health problems, this is crucial to protecting them and their peers. Colds, various flu viruses, and many other sicknesses get passed around from child-to-child, particularly in the close-knit environment of a lunch room.

They Won’t Affect The Food Taste

Another nice thing about these lunchboxes is that they don’t leach chemicals or alter the way the food tastes. Other containers, such as plastic and paper, may affect the taste of your food by leaching smells and chemicals onto the food. This can cause a situation where your children get tired of the food they’re eating or even get sick from the altered taste.

You Will Save Money On Them

While a stainless steel lunchbox will cost more than $20, they ultimate save you money. Buying paper bags over a school year can really add up and often costs way more than the initial cost of the stainless steel variety. This is particularly true if your child uses a plastic container that continually gets ripped or lost: plastering their name across a stainless steel one will ensure it never gets lost.

They Protect The Environment

Using paper bags for your child’s lunch can seriously impact the environment by increasing the amount of paper waste being thrown away at the school. A good stainless steel lunchbox will avoid this problem by eliminating all of that excessive waste. This is a perfect way to teach your child about conservation and how to decrease their environment footprint in a safe and effective way.

While there are a few drawbacks to these types of lunchboxes, such as the price and an inability to put them in a microwave, they are minor compared to their many advantages. Buying one for your child at the beginning of the school year is a great way of ensuring their lunch experience is positive.

This is particularly true if you buy an ice pack to cool items that need it. In plastic or paper bags, these ice packs are rarely effective. Stainless steel will trap the cooling power of the pack and keep your child’s lunch at a nice temperature.

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